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Our Ethos

Icaro Cafe serve St ALi coffee, tonics, medicinal lattes, cold pressed juices and delicious superfoods with an ethos on fresh locally sourced produce and a conscious effort to reduce waste and protect the earth. Pure ingredients crafted with love and passion will give you the fuel your body needs to reach its potential. All of our offerings are sourced locally where possible and have been made from high quality ingredients. Our mission is to work hard every day to deliver fresh, house made products free from additives, preservatives and unnecessary fillers. All of our food starts in its raw state to provide your body with fuel, energy and vitality the way nature wanted you to have it. Crafted with oceans of love, consciousness at its core and flavour - a whole lot of flavour!

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we are currently part of the community closed loop compost system and have strategies in place to minimise the waste we create within the business. single use coffee cups are still an ongoing cause of waste and have a negative impact on our planet. we have implemented cup library where if you have forgotten a keep cup, you can utilise one of our reusable cups for $4 and return it to obtain your deposit back on a future visit, we also stock beautiful pottery for the planet keep cups and welcome you to bring your own keep cup and containers for takeaway food.

the meaning of our name

Icaro (cuechua: ikaro) is a south american indigenous colloquialism for magic song carrying an intention. today this term is commonly used to describe the medicine songs performed in vegetal cermonies, especially by shamans to induce a profound state of healing, awareness and protection. we chose this name as an intention to share awareness of healthy wholefoods to heal our bodies, incorporate sustainable initiatives and be a space where community feels welcome and at home sharing in conversations and discussions to create positive changes.

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projects we support

we proudly support current projects being undertaken by alianza arkana, an organisation whost motivated support to people in the ucayali river. they have some incredible projects underway that cultivate sustainable solutions and encourage community wellbeing. they believe “thriving people make a thriving rainforest, and vice versa” and so do we, which is why we are working with them. a percentage of our profits go towards local community in paoyan, this is chance to give back to community in need where the elders of this community in particular have shared a lot of knowledge with people directly involved in this business. 


1G Moore Street


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7.00am - 3.00pm

open 7 days


xmas day, boxing day, new years day

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